Replacing Lost Teeth, Whitening and General Oral Care by Smile Makeovers in Ypsilanti MI

by | Sep 7, 2016 | Dentist

Dentistry has come a long way in discovering cosmetic and restoration modalities that mend any oral imperfection or health problem. Tooth replacement and whitening is just two of many cosmetic procedures that make a big difference. Dental implants is a procedure described as replacing missing teeth and restoring the smile to a flawless aesthetic look. Artificial teeth constructed of porcelain or other composite materials are permanently fixed to the tooth roots to function just as natural teeth would. Dental implants prevent oral health problems associated with absent teeth, and improves appearance in the process. The gums and tooth roots are no longer exposed. Bacteria and food residue are in close contact with gums and the pulp chamber when there is no tooth to protect it. The pulp of the tooth can cause serious problems if it gets infected. Dental implants replace lost teeth and protects dentin beneath enamel.

Smile Makeovers in Ypsilanti MI brighten smiles with professional teeth whitening. In-office teeth whitening is the most effective and long lasting way to brighten a smile. A laser and gel is used to remove staining from teeth. The whitening gel has a protective buffering agent that prevents any kind of exposure that can damage enamel. The cleaning agents can brighten teeth several times whiter in one application. Unlike home teeth whitening kits, laser teeth whitening produces unfailing results. Whitening trays only have a standard fit that doesn’t fit all mouth sizes. Ill-fitted trays can leave spaces for gel to leak, which can reduce its effectiveness. Professional teeth whitening by smile makeovers in Ypsilanti MI is the leading choice.

Washtenaw General Dentistry Associates care for the basic oral needs of their patients. This includes routine exams, diagnostic x-rays and cleanings. Developing oral health issues can remain symptom free for a long time. Annual exams is the best way to detect and diagnose oral ailments before the problems progress to advance stages. Many oral diseases originate from under the gums. A manual exam may not indicate there is a problem. Digital x-rays are excellent diagnostic tools to spot dental ailments in the earliest stages. Schedule annual exams to maintain prime oral health.

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