Long Lasting Teeth Whitening in Jackson MI

Teeth Whitening in Jackson MI can be accomplished in different ways. There are home remedies to whiten teeth, such as baking soda and water, which are inexpensive and convenient. They can be effective on the day to day stains on the surface, but will only last as long as the concoction is used. It is very high maintenance, and most people are not satisfied with the results. Over-the-counter gels, pastes, and strips can be expensive, complicated and ineffective. Some require molded trays, two or three step processes and need to be slept in just to have the product on for enough hours to make any difference at all. After all that effort, most results last one or two months.

The best results are realized when teeth are professionally whitened at the dentist’s office. Treatments can be customized based on the types of stains that are on the teeth, the age of the patient, and the original color of the teeth. People who drink a lot of coffee or tea, smoke, or drink wine have stains that go deeper in the tooth enamel. That requires a different formula than one needed for someone whose teeth have discolored a bit due to age. People who have their teeth whitened on a regular basis will need a minor touch-up to brighten the color, and not a major procedure to remove set in stains. The dentist can determine which formula and treatment method to use for each patient.

Teeth Whitening in Jackson MI is not a one-size-fits-all type of process. Long lasting results are realized when the treatment is appropriate for the condition of the teeth and cannot be found from a tube of gel or a box of mass produced strips. White teeth help boost self-esteem, give people more confidence, and make people look younger. A bright smile can help people be taken seriously when they speak, help people get hired in a competitive job market, and lead to career advancement. Professional teeth whitening is more cost-effective than people think, especially compared to the benefits of a white smile. Click for more information regarding treatment options and to set up an appointment.

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