How an Implant Dentist in Milwaukee WI Deals with Dental Implants

by | Jul 8, 2014 | Dental Solution

Despite the many efforts that the dental health care community has been making to improve the dental health practices, millions of people in the country are still losing their teeth to cavities, decay and gum diseases. If you have lost one or more permanent teeth due to any of these factors, the good news is that it is possible to replace the teeth. Here are a few tips on how an Implant Dentist in Milwaukee WI deals with implantation dentistry.

Checking if you qualify

The dentist will start by performing a dental checkup. This is to establish the position of the missing teeth and whether getting implants is a possibility. Normally, people fail to qualify for implants if their jawbone is not strong enough to hold the titanium screws. If this is the case, the dentist may decide to graft bone and add it to the area where the addition is supposed to be made. After the bone structure has been strengthened enough, the implantation process will then begin.

The process

The process of implantation starts with the dentist prepping you for the procedure. If you have a dental phobia, they will give you a sedative after which the dentist will inject local anesthesia on the area that is to be operated on. This is supposed to numb the area. An incision will be made all the way to the jawbone and the titanium screw will be attached. After that, the tissue surrounding the jawbone will be sutured. The dentist will give you time so that the mouth can heal, and the titanium addition can get integrated into the jawbone.

After the mouth has healed, the dentist will attach the stump on which the dental crown will be attached. Dental implants feel like real teeth and should be taken care of just like real teeth.

Among the major benefits of getting dental Implant Dentist in Milwaukee WI is that you will regain the ability to eat food normally. Also, when you add implants on the lower jaw, you are preserving the shape of the jaw. Frank R. Galka D.D.S will help you get great dental implants. To book an appointment at his practice, go to






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