Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Veneers

by | Oct 8, 2015 | Dental Services

Dentists often recommend dental veneers for patients who want to cover a chipped tooth, a gap between the two front teeth or uneven teeth. This dental procedure is also performed to hide tooth discolouration and stains. Before speaking with a dentist who specializes in Veneers, read the frequently asked questions below to learn more about this dental procedure.

Q.) What kinds of materials are Dental Veneers Toronto made out of?
A.) Veneers are thin tooth shells that are often made out of porcelain or composite materials. The colour of the veneers match the tooth colour of the patient, so they’ll look natural once the dentist applies them to the teeth.

Q.) How does a dentist apply a veneer to a patient’s tooth?
A.) A dentist who specializes in Veneers first shaves off a very thin layer of enamel from the tooth that will receive the veneer. This step is necessary so that once the veneer is on the tooth, it will be the same thickness as the rest of the teeth. After making an impression of the tooth, the dentist sends the mold to the lab, and the veneer is made to replicate the impression. After the veneer is made, the dentist uses dental cement to bond the veneer to the surface of the tooth.

Q.) How long can a patient expect a dental veneer to last?
A.) When patients take good care of their teeth, a dental veneer can last up to ten years before it needs to be replaced. To help prolong the lifespan of a dental veneer, patients should brush the veneer whenever they brush their teeth. Patients should avoid chewing on hard objects that can damage the veneer, such as pens or ice cubes. To keep the dental veneer as white as possible, patients should avoid consuming any type of foods or beverages that can stain the veneers. These foods include berries, wine, coffee and beets.

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