Enjoy Eating Again With Excellent Dentures in Park Ridge, IL

by | Dec 8, 2015 | Dental Services

When teeth begin to fall apart, there is little the dentist can do except treat the symptoms. One of the reasons for this is that the symptoms usually include caries (cavities) and oral infections. This can leave a patient in excruciating pain when the blood supply begins to pulse. While saving the original teeth is admirable, it is often better to consider alternatives. For example, the damaged teeth could be removed and replaced with implants. Sadly, this procedure usually works for individual teeth or dental prostheses such as bridges. Bridges work well when a few teeth are missing, but need something to anchor to. This leaves Dentures in Park Ridge IL. Dentures are one of the few options available when all the teeth need to be replaced.

Dentures or dental plates come in both upper and lower versions. This makes the prostheses easier to make. The reason for this is the shape that each denture requires. For example, an upper plate is usually a solid piece that must fit perfectly. The lower denture only fits around the jawbone to allow room for the tongue. This gives the lower plate a distinctive U shape, and it makes the denture easier to secure. The upper denture will be custom shaped to fit the roof of the mouth. This requires the dentist to make a mold of the mouth that can be converted into a working model to check size and fit.

One of the more difficult aspects of Dentures in Park Ridge IL, is getting used to keeping them in place. There are two schools of thought on this problem. The first uses an adhesive to secure the dentures in place, and the second requires a bit of time to build up the muscles required to keep the plates secured. This is critical when trying to speak because a loose plate could interfere with speech or pronunciation. Selecting the best dental adhesive is usually a personal choice, but some people hate the way it feels or tastes.

Adapting to new dentures and developing the tiny jaw muscles required to anchor them is a more difficult option because it requires a bit of time along with properly fitting teeth. The time is best spent with chewing certain items that help build those muscles such as non-stick, dental quality, chewing gum or possibly a snack like roasted peanuts.

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