Dentures in Southaven MS Will Give You Your Smile Back

by | Jul 10, 2014 | Dental Services

Everyone has at least heard of the need for seeing a dentist at least once a year and that dentists recommend semi-annual visits. A pediatric dentist tell mothers to be and new mothers that their child should see a pediatric dentist as soon as they start cutting their baby teeth but no later than their first birthday. Family dentists recommend semi-annual visits for complete check-ups. They believe that preventive dental practices like brushing and flossing or getting fluoride treatments will reduce the number of cavities and gum diseases their patients will have to deal with. Many dental practices today have a dentist that is trained in both general dental practices and cosmetic dental procedures or they will have a general service dentist and a cosmetic dentist staffed in their dental office.

If the time comes when you need Dentures in Southaven MS, Bruce A. Denney DDS can provide them for you. He can give you the choice of full or partial dentures as well as dentures that attach to a dental implanted anchor. The need for dentures occurs when an adult has lost some of their permanent teeth, whether the loss is from a dental extraction or from teeth lost in some kind of accident.


Some patients get nervous about needing to get Dentures in Southaven MS. Dr Denney can set those concerns to rest by sitting down with a patient and explaining just exactly what is involved in getting a patient fitted for dentures that they need. He will let them know just how long it will take to get their dentures and exactly how to take care of them. He will also explain that a week or two after the patient gets their new dentures, the patient will be asked to return to the office so he can make sure that the fit of the new dentures are just right. He will be available to answer any questions that the new denture wearer has thought of during that time interval. In this way Dr Denney is very able to help any new denture needing patient to be much less nervous.

No matter what your dental needs are, considering Dr Denney’s office is a good idea. They can take care of all of your needs, including any cosmetic dental procedures that you may need or want.

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