Dental Services in Kalamazoo, MI to Help Fix Gaps Between Teeth

by | Sep 16, 2015 | Dental Services

Although some people find a gap between teeth attractive, others prefer to get rid of any gaps in their smile. There are a number of Dental Services Kalamazoo MI, dentists can perform to help get rid of these gaps.

Braces or ClearCorrect Trays

Those with a lot of issues with the spacing of their teeth may need braces or one of the newer Dental Services Kalamazoo MI, dentists offer that involve the use of clear trays to gradually change the alignment of the teeth, such as ClearCorrect. This is a time-consuming process and can be quite expensive, so it isn’t for everyone. In the case of traditional braces, it can also be difficult to keep the teeth clean. People need to avoid eating certain foods, and it can be quite uncomfortable at times. ClearCorrect-style treatments help limit these problems, but can’t be used in children or people with more serious alignment issues.


People who just have a small gap or two and otherwise don’t have any issues with their teeth alignment may be able to get the problem corrected with bonding. The dentist will use a material the same color as the teeth to close the gaps while still keeping a natural look. This material then gets integrated into the tooth, forming a strong bond, hence the name. This is one of the less expensive options for fixing gaps. However, there are some drawbacks to choosing bonding. Using the teeth to bite hard non-food items can cause the bonding to chip or crack, and the bonding doesn’t resist stains, so people need to be careful about eating foods that can stain the teeth.


A third option for correcting gaps in the teeth offered by many cosmetic dentists, such as those at, is veneers. For this process, a thin layer of each of the teeth involved will get removed in order to create a surface to attach a thin coating over the teeth that will fix any unevenly spaced, chipped, or crooked teeth. The process isn’t reversible due to the small amount of the tooth that gets removed to make room for the veneer, and the veneers can be damaged by using the teeth as a tool to help open bottles or do anything that puts a lot of pressure on the teeth.

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