Dental Implants in Branchburg Can Give You Your Smile Back

by | Sep 15, 2014 | Dental Services

For many years, the only answer to a missing tooth was to have a partial denture made that you wear when you are out and about. These partial dentures were made to hold one or more missing teeth, in one or more areas of the mouth. These weren’t the most comfortable to wear and could be a problem when trying to eat or to play sports. When the missing teeth are on the bottom jaw, these partial dentures didn’t provide much of a comfortable and useful answer.

Another problem with missing teeth, even if they don’t show when you smile or interfere with your ability to chew food, is that the gap leaves room for your other teeth to move. A missing molar can also throw off your bite, allowing your other teeth to hit wrong, which can result in chipping or otherwise damaging more teeth. Now there is a much better answer. With the use of Dental Implants in Branchburg, this kind of dental problem can be solved in a much better, more comfortable and permanent way.

With Dental Implants in Branchburg, the dentist will remove any remaining portion of your damaged tooth, if it is needed. They will then drill into the bone in the jaw where the roots of the tooth used to be. This will allow room for a screw to be put into place, to serve as the anchor and root structure of a new tooth. There are several materials used for this, with advantages to each. Your dentist can go over which one might be best for you. After the screw of the implant is in place, the dentist will be able to place a permanent crown that attaches to the base. This will look and feel just like a regular tooth, and you will never have to remove it to do anything.

The use of dental implants can be the answer to missing molars, front teeth on the top or bottom jaw, and can be done to replace more than one tooth. If you think this might be the answer for your dental situation, make an appointment with a cosmetic dentist and see what they suggest for you unique situation.



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