Considering the Benefits of Dental Veneers in Salem, OR

by | Oct 28, 2015 | Dental Services

After the most recent exam, the dentist recommends the application of veneers in Salem OR, on at least three teeth. After going through the basics of how the veneers are made and applied to the teeth, it is time to talk about what sort of benefits they will provide. Here are some things patients need to understand about veneers and what they can do.

Improving the Look of the Teeth

One of the benefits most commonly associated with veneers in Salem OR, is that they will enhance the appearance of the teeth. By design, the veneers will match the shade of the surrounding teeth perfectly. When matched with a crown, it is possible to ensure a tooth looks just as nice as all the other teeth. For those who wonder if the veneer will fit in and not be noticeable, it pays to understand that no one will be able to tell the difference.

Protecting the Teeth from Harm

Veneers also help to provide a barrier that protects the teeth from additional damage. It is not unusual for a dentist to recommend this option because the natural enamel has begun to wear a little thin. By placing a barrier on the teeth that can take the place of the lost enamel, the odds of being able to keep those teeth for more years is significantly enhanced. That means the patient can wait longer before there is the need to think about procedures like implants or getting dentures.

No Changes to the Dental Hygiene Routine

Unlike some other types of dental procedures, the patient will not have to alter the daily hygiene regimen at all. The teeth still should be brushed after meals, and using mouthwash is just fine. The dentist may recommend using a brush with a certain type of bristles, although this is unlikely. Since veneers in Salem OR, are often made from porcelain and will hold up to a lot of wear and tear, the odds are the usual type of toothbrush will still be the best choice.

For anyone who thinks that veneers in Salem OR, might be the ideal solution to a dental issue, contact a dentist and arrange an appointment. After a thorough exam, it will be possible to decide if veneers are the right choice or if some other approach is in the best interests of the patient.

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