Choosing Veneers for Cosmetic Dentistry in Boston

by | Jun 20, 2016 | Dentist

Some people don’t like to smile because they don’t like how their teeth look. They may have gaps in their teeth, their teeth may be discolored, or their teeth can appear to be too small for the size of their mouth. In order to improve their looks, many people opt for cosmetic dental procedures to change the appearance of their teeth.

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

Dentists that specialize in cosmetic dentistry in Boston can help improve the appearance of your teeth in several ways. They can “cap” your teeth by inserting dental crowns over your natural teeth. Dental veneers can be bonded to the front of chipped or discolored teeth, or the dentist may recommend dental bonding to fix a chipped tooth. Some of these procedures can be done on the first visit, but having crowns or veneers inserted may take several visits for the work to be completed.

Dental Veneers

A common procedure done in cosmetic dentistry is having veneers applied to teeth that are chipped, discolored or have gaps between them. Porcelain veneers are the most common type of veneers used by dentists to help improve the appearance of their patients’ teeth. These veneers, also referred to as laminates, are made of a thin layer of porcelain that is only about as twice as thick as an eggshell.

Applying Veneers

A porcelain veneer is bonded to the front of your natural tooth after your dentist has prepared it. They may have to trim your tooth in order for the veneer to adequately cover the imperfection and to help create a permanent bond to your tooth. The color and shape of the veneer will be matched as closely as possible to the natural tooth before it is applied.

Most cosmetic dentistry procedures are elective, and they can vastly improve your smile.

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