Choose Zoom Whitening at the Dentist

Zoom Whitening is a wonderful, new whitening program offered at dental offices all over the world. This whitening process dramatically alters the appearance of your smile, brightening the shade of your teeth. An exceptional cosmetic dentist serving the Farmington Hills area will understand that Zoom Whitening is the best whitening series to deliver a more permanently brighter smile.

How Long Will the Whitening Take?
It can be hard to say how long treatments will take, but even tough stains on teeth can be reversed with this product. The length of time you will need to receive treatments from your dentist will depend on the level of staining. The regular consumption of coffee and tea as well as improper dental care can lead to yellowing or even browning of the teeth, but after a 15 minute consultation, a great cosmetic dentist will have a plan in mind. Many times, all it takes is four 15 minute sessions and two take-home treatments to give you a lasting, whiter smile – and a better feeling about your appearance to go with it!

What Should I Expect After Treatments?
After treatments, you should expect a whiter smile that even continues to gradually get whiter for a period after your procedures. You should expect to be able to remove stains more easily in the future as well, but abstaining from consuming foods and drinks that stain one’s teeth always brings about the best outcome. Your doctor may also supply you with at-home treatments to make your results last even longer. Some patients experience mild sensitivity, and if you experience this, you should contact your dentist. There are special products just for sensitivity after whitening.

How Can I Find Treatments in My Area?
Ask your dental professional if he or she offers Zoom Whitening. Some dentists specialize in these treatments and have a lot of experience in getting you your best smile. Do some online research, and see what professionals in your area are in the Zoom Whitening facility directory. If you’re looking in the Michigan area for a series of Zoom Whitening, Farmington Hills has an office that may be the place for you!

If you are looking for a Michigan-based dental office that offers Zoom Whitening, contact Dwoskin & Owens Cosmetic and Family Dentistry.

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