Benefits of Having Teeth Whitening Treatments at an Office of Dentistry in Tulsa OK

One of the most common reasons people decide to visit their dentist can be to find out how to make their teeth look whiter and brighter. Many people today are concerned with the way their teeth look and they may have even tried retail products to help in correcting the issue. Since many of these products are not very effective, this can often lead a person to decide to visit an office for Dentistry Tulsa OK to find out about alternate types of treatments.

There are many reasons why a person may feel their teeth need to be whitened. Some people rely on their appearance and their smile a great deal in their work. Because of this, they may need to have the brightest teeth possible. Others may drink a lot of tea, coffee or wine and this has resulted in staining of the teeth. Regardless of the reason, seeing a dentist is often the best and safest way for a patient to have his or her teeth whitened.

Most of the professionals at an office of Dentistry Tulsa OK will first spend time examining the patient’s teeth. This is done so they can determine the cause of the problem and the severity of the staining or discolorations. This is needed, as some issues may not benefit from whitening treatments. If this is the case, the dentist may need to recommend alternate types of treatments to resolve the issue.

Once the exam is conducted and the dentist has decided to proceed with the whitening treatment, he or she will generally have the patient’s teeth professional cleaned first. This is done to help speed the process and the effectiveness of the treatment.

A dentist from Southard Dental will then apply professional strength whitening product to the patient’s teeth. A dentist may paint the whitening product on each tooth individually, use a specially designed dental tray filled with whiting product or a combination of the two when applying the whitening substance to the patient’s teeth.

Once the teeth are well coated with the whitening agent, a laser light or heat lamp may be applied to the teeth to speed the activation of the whitening product. The product will move into the pores of the teeth and begin breaking apart the darkened areas. This allows more light in the tooth. This will make the patient’s teeth look whiter and brighter as well. Visit website for more details.

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