All You Need to Know About Getting Implants in Short Hills NJ

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Most people view missing teeth as a problem that only aged people should suffer from. However, with the ever increasing cases of tooth decay, gum disease and trauma to the face, tooth loss has become a common problem for all ages. When you have missing teeth, eating, speech and appearance problems come up. Getting Implants in Short Hills NJ is one of the most permanent and dependable solutions into the problem. Here are some of the things you should know about getting implants.

Time frames

The process of getting implants can take anywhere between five months and a year. The amount of time it takes for the process to be completed depends on several factors:

1. In case your jawbone is found to be too weak to support the implant, the dentist may have to get you a bone transplant; it will take more time for the implant to get integrated to the implant spot for the rest of the process to be carried out.

2. If the process will be carried out in the normal manner, you will have the first part of the process, which is the surgery and attachment of the implant. Time is given for healing and integration of the implant into the jawbone. The speed at which you heal from the first part of the procedure is what determines when the next part will be carried out.

Generally, an average of 7 months is the time frame you should allocate for the procedure.


Getting implants is not an affordable affair. The titanium screws that are used as the artificial teeth roots can be quite costly. This cost is compounded by the cost of the surgical procedure, and getting stumps and crowns to complete the look. Also, not many insurers are comfortable with dental implants being part of their coverage. For success, ensure that you prepare well financially beforehand.

The benefits

Getting implants may seem like a long and tedious process; however, the benefits are all worth the cost:

1. Your speech and appearance will improve.
2. You will have an easier time grinding food.
3. The risk of developing complications such as TMJ disorder is reduced.

These are some of the things you need to know about getting Implants in Short Hills NJ. Westfield Oral Surgery offers the best services in implant dentistry. Visit them online!


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