All About Gum Disease in Hattiesburg MS

by | Jul 11, 2014 | Dental Services

Gum disease presents through swelling, infection or soreness of the tissues that are supporting the teeth. This is caused by bacteria surrounding the teeth which form on a daily basis when you take a drink or eat. These types of bacteria are called the plaque. Gum Disease in Hattiesburg MS has become a major health concern in the area.

Commonly known gum diseases are of two major types, namely the periodontal disease which makes the tooth weak for it affects the tissues surrounding the tooth. This can cause the teeth to fall out. The second one is called the gingivitis which makes the gum inflate causing them to be swollen and red. These swollen gums bleed when brushed.

Causes of gum disease

* A bacterial plaque which surrounds the teeth surface

* Smoking can also affect your gums and teeth

* Lack of consistent brushing

* Illness that interfere with your immune systems such as HIV or cancer

* Hormonal changes such as puberty, monthly menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause can create or develop a sensitive gum that can easily cause gingivitis to develop.

Symptoms of Gum Disease

The periodontal disease symptoms are normally noticeable because they have warning signs such as.

* Bad taste and breathe which is persistent.

* Gums receding

* Tender, red and swollen gums

* When brushing and after the gum bleeds

* A tooth that is loose

* Deep pockets forming between the gum and the teeth

Prevention of gum disease

* Oral care must be effected at home

* Routine brushing

* Thorough and effective mouth cleaning

It is important to regularly visit a dentist who will continue to thoroughly clean the roots of the teeth to remove the hidden pockets of bacteria that may cause further gum injury and disease. This process is known as the root planting which is numbed before anything else is done. This may create a little bit of discomfort afterwards for 48 hours.

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