Zirconia: Use the Restorative Material of Choice

by | Aug 3, 2018 | Dental Services

One of the strongest metal-free restorative materials is zirconia. It is fast in becoming a material of choice by modern dentists. However, it is important to not that not all zirconia restorations are equal. With many choices available on the market there are a few things you should keep in mind when you want to order a zirconia dental crown in Bakersfield area. When you speak with expert dental labs like Backer Dental Laboratory be sure to ask about Z-max.

Z-Max Is Strong and Esthetic

When comparing the strengths of zirconia brands the well-known brands have strengths of 1200MPa and tend to be lifeless and opaque, while most anterior/translucent zirconia restorations have 500 to 600MPa which makes them very weak. The translucent Z-max restorations include over 1,100MPa for flexural strength so it is the ideal choice for anterior and posterior dentistry. As far as esthetics are concerned Z-max’s crystal microstructure is unique and differentiated from other types of monolithic zirconia in that it combines the superior esthetics along with function and strength. Z-max can be compared to lithium disilicate restorations which are perfectly translucent, making Z-max an esthetic zirconia that will shine in any anterior and posterior region.

Modern Dental Crowns Made from Zirconia Are Very Popular

The durability and strength of zirconia has easily put it in the forefront when it comes to popular, modern dental crowns. It has been documented extensively showcasing its biocompatibility as well as plaque resistance. When you order a zirconia crown from a professional dental lab like Backer Dental Laboratory, you are assured accurate zirconia substructures that provide a maximum framework for strength along with porcelain support and superior marginal integrity. Highly talented and trained ceramists can contour, layer and glaze restorations to meet your specific restoration needs.

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