Why Your Dentist In Mason May Suggest Red Wine

by | Jun 28, 2014 | Dental Services

Red wine is a gourmet drink. It’s no secret that red wine has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. But could you, even in your wildest dreams, assume that this beverage prevents the development of caries? In fact, it has a positive effect on oral health. Many people would laugh at their dentist in Mason, but it’s true!

Why is this? The fact lies in a thing called polyphenols and the grape seed extracts contained in red wine, which inhibit the growth of bacteria. This fact has been proved scientifically, both in the medical community and in the dental one. Moreover, various studies have confirmed that only red wine protects the teeth from caries. In fairness, though, it should be noted that white wine has a detrimental effect on teeth. This is because of the high content of acid that causes the destruction of tooth enamel.

Some time ago, the well-known journal Agricultural and Food Chemistry published research on this very topic. These studies have focused on identifying and understanding the reasons that red wine helps prevent caries. Scientists have grown cultures of bacteria that contribute to the development of oral diseases. Then “parasites” were placed in non-alcoholic red wine, red wine with grape seed extract and water, both with 12 percent ethanol content. The obtained results exceeded all expectations – both alcoholic and non-alcoholic red wine inhibits the growth of bacteria!

Or, in other words, the bacteria that cause dental disease, die in red wine. This occurs under the effect of the compounds contained in the beverage -; polyphenols. They block the ability of cariogenic bacteria to produce glucans due to the breakdown of dietary sugars. Damage to the tooth enamel leads glucans to work, which allow the bacteria to be fixed on the tooth surface and damage the enamel. Visit website to know more about professional dentists in Mason.

Incidentally, the same beneficial compounds are found in cranberries. But, at the same time, cranberry juice has a considerable amount of sugar content, which reduces the work of polyphenols. In the fight against tooth decay, it practically pushes the chances of working to zero. So everything is good in moderation and without fanaticism, especially wine in particular. Whatever food preferences you may have, remember that the key to oral health is having the right professional care and scheduling regular visits to the dentist In Mason. For more information, visit Afiniadental.com today.

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