What There Is to Know about Teeth Whitening in Richmond, Va

The world is a mirror – once you smile, it smiles back. But imagine if you are not confident enough to show that smile because of discolored teeth, does it mean that you are doomed? The good news is that you can have your teeth whitened whenever you decide.

A common misconception about teeth whitening is that it turns the teeth completely white. When you contact a good dentist who does Teeth Whitening in Richmond VA, he or she will make the teeth just a shade whiter. He should also advise you on the best procedure to use.

Teeth whitening cannot be done on every person. The dentist you consult should be able to tell you whether it is advisable for you to do it. For example, persons with tooth cavities cannot undergo tooth bleaching until the cavities are treated.

Before beginning the procedure, the dentist you visit for teeth whitening, will ask you some questions to know the cause of the tooth staining. Some common causes of tooth staining include:

     *     Smoking substances containing tobacco

     *    Lack of proper oral hygiene

     *    Taking drinks that are dark colored like cola, red wine, coffee and tea.

After establishing the cause of the tooth discoloration, the dentist will then give you the whitening options available. The most common method is the dentist-supervised home whitening. The dentist in this case prepares trays to fit your gums and then puts the whitening gel in the trays. After this procedure, the dentist will tell you about the routine to follow at home which involves applying the whitening cream that he or she prescribes.

Another option is the chair-side whitening. To do this, the dentist or therapist puts a rubber shield or gel on the gums for protection. He then uses a special tray to apply the whitening product on the teeth. This procedure takes about one to two hours. This method is more expensive.

Before you go to a therapist for teeth whitening, inquire about the cost that different dentists charge for this procedure for purposes of budgeting. Start enjoying life with a beautiful smile when your teeth whitened.



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