Veneers Uses and Its Procedure

There are many ways to improve the look of your smile and veneers are one of the most popular. These work to essentially put a flawless covering in your original tooth to cover imperfections and give you a bright and white smile. You want to understand the process and exactly what veneers can help with to ensure that they are the right choice for you.

Uses of Veneers

Veneers are a thin shell that go on top of the teeth that you already have. They may be used for many different things, including badly stained teeth, discoloration, worn down teeth, misaligned teeth, chipped teeth and to fix abnormal spaces in your teeth. They work to essentially perfect your smile and ensure that it is perfectly white. The benefits of veneers include:

  • Veneers look very natural so other people will not even know that you have them
  • If you choose porcelain veneers, they will resist stains
  • Dark teeth become instantly brighter
  • Porcelain veneers are well-tolerated by gum issues
  • When you get your veneers, you will not have to go through extensive shaping before they are applied

Veneers Procedure

In general, you will have three appointments with your dentists for veneers. These are important because it ensures that the veneers are applied properly so that you get the best results. The first part of the process is the initial consultation and this is when you and your dentist discuss veneers and the best type for your teeth. During this time, you may also have dental X-rays performed and your dentist may get impressions of your teeth and mouth.

The preparation stage involves removing a small amount of enamel from the surface of your teeth that is equal to the width of the veneers. To ensure comfort, your dentist will provide you with a local anesthetic. After this is done, your dentist will get more tooth impressions so that a dental lab can make the veneers that will fit your teeth. On average, dental labs take seven to 14 days to create your veneers.

The application is the final process and this is where the dentist makes sure that the veneers fit and then he will properly bond it to your teeth. This can take a couple of hours if you are having all of your teeth done.

After you have your veneers and everything is complete, make sure you understand what is necessary to keep them looking great. Regular dental hygiene is important and you will need to see your dentists twice a year, as usual. You also want to know what you need to do should one of your veneers require a repair in the future. For more information you can visit Beverly Hills Institute of Dental Esthetics or you can check their Facebook profile.

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