Transforming a Smile With Teeth Whitening in Toms River

by | Oct 22, 2014 | Dental Services

The teeth can experience a great deal of damage throughout one’s life. Food, drinks, and bad habits can cause the teeth to slowly stain and discolor, leaving the smile unappealing. While brushing and good dental hygiene will keep the teeth healthy and somewhat clean, regular brushing only affect surface stains. Many stains occur deep within the surface of the tooth, making it difficult to clean. Thankfully, Teeth Whitening in Toms River is a quick and easy way to take off years of damage.

These procedures are relatively quick and easy. Most appointments can be done in about an hour, making it easy for dental patients to incorporate it into their daily lives. A teeth whitening dentist will first examine the teeth. This will give them a better understanding on how the teeth will react, ensuring that the whitening procedure will be effective. They’ll then thoroughly clean clean the teeth. This will remove surface stains and plaque, allowing Teeth Whitening in Toms River to be more effective.

One of the most common ways to achieve whiter teeth is through a specialized gel. This gel is applied to the teeth. It contains whitening agents that will be activated by light. Patients are exposed to a bright light as they relax. This light activates the whitening agent, allowing it to penetrate deep within the tooth to remove set in stains. After the procedure is complete, dentists will remove the remaining gel. Most people don’t experience any pain or sensitivity, ensuring that there is no down time. Patients can return to their daily schedule. This method is safe on the teeth, allowing patients to get regular touch ups over time. Most patients will actually experience steady whitening for a few days after the procedure, improving their results with time.

All in all, Teeth Whitening in Toms River is a great way to improve a smile. The procedure is safe, effective, and quick. Instead of hiding behind a dull smile, people can easily get their teeth whitened to gain back their self confidence. All it takes is a simple visit to a dentist’s office to get a smile that will surely turn heads.

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