Receiving General Dentistry for Dental Disease

If a balanced diet is essential for good general health, it is imperative for oral health, as there is a close relationship between poor eating habits and dental disease. Fast food and pre-cooked foods are clear examples of this relationship and have a high content of sugars and other carbohydrates, which are foods that support the growth of cariogenic bacteria and, therefore, the formation of cavities. This is a very important factor since it is usual that the eating habits of one person will be adhered to by their close family members. In fact, tooth decay and even serious dental problems have increased significantly over the past decade. Some children have their first cavity before the age of two years old so it is vital they seek out care from their local general dentistry.

The mother’s feeding habits during pregnancy is critical for the child’s tooth formation, which begins in the sixth week of gestation. Excess sugars and abusing so-called “junk food” affects the calcification process of the fetus and thus the likelihood of the child developing cavities increases. Also, dentists recommend to not breastfeed any longer than one must, because the high content of sugar in breast milk may promote the development of tooth decay, which is characterized by the rapid destruction of primary teeth and may cause functional problems with chewing and speaking. Proper tooth cleaning is essential.

Bacteria that lodge in the mouth and especially those involved in tooth decay mainly feed on sugars and carbohydrates, so its presence favors the proliferation of these microorganisms. If the mouth is not properly cleaned, tooth decay most likely occurs. Moreover, carbonated beverages have a degree of acidity which attacks the dental enamel. Taking into account your dental health, diet, and limiting and controlling the consumption of carbohydrates and sugars, one must get enough fluoride, which is a protective factor against tooth decay and helps to strengthen the tooth structure, and calcium, necessary to maintain tooth mineralization.

Other dental diseases that are favored by poor eating habits are periodontal disease and dental malocclusion. The first is caused by increased plaque and it favors the appearance of infections that affect the gums. And in the case of malocclusion, many require orthodontic treatment. Visit website or your local general denstistry to learn more.

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