Ensure Healthy Teeth Using a Dentist in Eagan MN

by | Sep 22, 2015 | Dentist

It’s amazing how often people take their health for granted and this includes the teeth. Keeping the teeth healthy, clean and in good repair is the best way to ensure that a person’s teeth will last a lifetime. However, this means that an annual visit to a Dentist in Eagan MN is in order. The first reason to visit a dentist is cleaning. The dental office needs to remove plaque from the teeth, clean and massage the gum tissue and x-ray them for signs of decay.

The second most important reason to see a Dentist in Eagan MN is to repair a cavity or pull a tooth. The average tooth is fairly strong as long as the enamel is in place. Unfortunately, once the enamel has eroded, the soft dentin underneath won’t last for very long. After the dentin is decayed, the root pulp is next. This part of the tooth provides the necessary nerve and blood supply that every healthy tooth requires. If the decay has reached this deep, then the dentist may need to perform a root canal. This procedure cuts away the nerve and severs the blood supply. Once the tooth has been repaired, the dentist will need to install a crown over the remainder, so the shell doesn’t chip or break.

Not every Dentist in Eagan MN is focused on cavities or oral repair. In fact, many dentists are concerned with the appearance of the teeth and the way that people smile. There are a number of procedures to improve the appearance of teeth, but the easiest is whitening. This procedure should only take about half an hour and is virtually pain free. The dentist will apply carbamide peroxide over the teeth and then introduce some water. The interaction of water and carbamide causes a chemical change and the carbide converts into hydrogen peroxide. At this point, the chemical is pushed under the enamel where the deep set stains are found. Another simple dental procedure is veneers. In fact, the application of modern veneers can often take only one visit to the office.

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