Does a Child’s Tooth Cavity in Broken Arrow, OK Really Need to Be Filled?

There is a common misconception that a tooth cavity in Broken Arrow OK does not need to be filled if it is in a child’s baby tooth rather than an adult tooth. This misconception can cause a good deal of harm. While baby teeth may not last forever, that doesn’t make them expendable. Read on to find out about treating cavities in baby teeth to find out why.

Negative Impact of Cavities

Tooth damage can cause a host of problems in young children, including difficulty eating, alignment problems, speech issues, and severe pain. If left untreated, cavities can lead to infections that will spread to nearby teeth. These infections can wind up hindering the growth of straight, healthy, adult teeth as well.

Common Symptoms

Some cavities show up visibly as holes, dark spots, or other discolorations, but others do not. Parents should keep an eye out for children showing signs of pain while chewing or brushing, increased sensitivity to hot and cold beverages, and persistent bad breath that is not improved by mouthwash or brushing. These can all be signs a child has a cavity that needs to be filled.

Types of Fillings

Most children with a tooth cavity in Broken Arrow OK will be offered either a white composite or a metal filling. While there are other types of materials that can be used to fill cavities, such as gold and ceramic, these are rarely used in baby teeth. Metal fillings tend to be less expensive than composite fillings and, given the fact that baby teeth will fall out eventually anyway, the lower cost makes metal fillings an attractive option for most parents.

Avoiding Cavities

Parents should keep a careful eye on their kids as they learn proper home dental hygiene. Kids aren’t born with the ability to brush and floss properly, so these behaviors must be learned at a young age to prevent cavities and other forms of decay. Parents can also help their children avoid cavities by ensuring they eat a healthy diet and attend routine dental check-ups.

Get Started Today

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