Do Not Fear If You Need a Root Canal Treatment

When a dentist says a patient needs a Root Canal Treatment, the patient is often fearful. Many people experience fear simply because they have heard inaccurate information from friends and family. It behooves a person to carefully research so they will know exactly what happens during the procedure. Often, knowing what to expect can set a person’s mind at ease and make them feel less nervous as they await their procedure.

A Root Canal Treatment is carried out when a person’s tooth has become damaged due to decay or infection. When the tissue in the root canals becomes inflamed and diseased, it needs to be removed. The procedure rarely causes any major pain, and most people liken the pain to that of a tooth extraction. This procedure can help to prevent tooth loss through necrosis, so a person’s smile is kept intact.

The procedure begins with the dentist opening the tooth and removing the inner soft tissues and nerves. Removing the nerves permanently stop any pain sensations and the soft tissue is removed to ensure the tooth is no longer being damaged.

Using special tools, the dentist will shape the insides of the root canals so they will be wide enough to receive the filling material. The filling material used for this procedure is gutta-percha. It is used because it is rubbery and can expand and contract like human tooth pulp. This material is placed down in the roots and in the center of the tooth. Once cured, a top layer of sealant is put in place to ensure the tooth will be strong enough to chew with.

In many cases, dentists will further protect a tooth and make it stronger by placing a dental crown. Dental crowns are tooth-shaped shells that completely cover the surfaces of the tooth and shield it from being damaged during chewing and biting.

If you are in need of this dental procedure, there is no reason to fret. Visit and learn about the dental treatments and services they offer. Through their dentist, your smile can be properly protected so you can rest assured your health is properly maintained.

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