Diagnosis and Treatment of Tooth Decay by the Dentist in Lawnside

by | Jun 27, 2014 | Dental Services

The most common reason why people in the Lawnside area go to the dentist is to get treatment for tooth decay. Unfortunately, many patients have difficulties in trying to keep their teeth free of tooth decay. Some do not practice sufficient dental hygiene at home. Others eat foods that contribute to tooth decay. That is why the Dentist in Lawnside is quite busy treating tooth decay.

First of all, the Dentist in Lawnside helps all patients to keep tooth decay from advancing to the point where cavities form. That is why the dentist recommends that all patients get professional cleanings and an exam every two weeks. With professional dental cleanings, the plaque and bacteria that causes tooth decay will be removed in a timely manner. If there are signs of tooth decay, they will be detected early with the two exams per year. Tooth decay is a lot easier, simpler, and cheaper to treat when it is detected early. Even those who hate the dentist should invest the time to visit at least twice per year in order to avoid additional visits with more difficult treatments.

If there are cavities detected, fillings may be sufficient to prevent them from getting bigger. In most instances, local anesthetic will be required. The Dentist in Lawnside is going to do everything possible to minimize the pain from the anesthetic injection. An experienced General Dentist knows the tricks to minimizing injection pain. For instance, shaking the opposite side of the mouth while injecting often confuses the pain nerves so that the patient does not feel as much pain. After the anesthetic takes effect, the patient simply needs to wait while the dentist puts in the filling. There should be no more pain during the rest of the procedure. This is why dental patients should not fear the procedure to get a filling.

If the tooth decay is more advanced, the dentist may need to treat with procedures that cost more and take more time such as crowns and root canals. To avoid these procedures, patients should visit the dentist at least twice per year so that tooth decay is stopped during the early stages. For more information and to book a visit Cherry Hill Family Dental

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